Slaves of Shadovar

Breadgar's Stale Rolls

"Were you in the shit?" "Yeah, I was in the shit."

It’s hairy in the cave, and the monsters (such as 1-hit aqua-zombies, CC the flopping choker, a skeletal archer, and some spiked-tendrilled weeds (a real swamp thang) are like really handsy. Don’t read too much into anything, though.

After numerous poor dice-rolls and one PC-death, everyone squeaks through with no heals, no action points, no second winds, no way to radio for an air strike, and very few hit points (or hits, even). Gil used half (one draught) of the healing potion from Inius’s bag.

Our heroes emerge into a pastoral scene. In the distance are some dashing barbarian horsemen, riding forward to [do something].

NEXT: And Even In Arcadia?



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