Slaves of Shadovar

Incident Involving Innias

This was pretty much a Playtest session for the new players and their characters.

- Innias, a sketchy troll of a human (not troll-ist!) takes our heroes through the Sewer-gate of Freedom, right into the arms of the local constabulary:

- Innias the Weasel bolts ahead, straight towards a mysterious, purple-cloaked figure (“THE AGENT”)

- After a brief, Three Stooges moment in which everyone in the party rolls eight initiative, Kruu squirms out the grate after Innias, towards THE AGENT and Cop #3. Innias furtively passes a Mystery Bag to Kruu. SLICE! Take that, Cop Number Three! THE BATTLE BEGINS!

As battles tend to be, the whole thing is kind of a blur. THE AGENT near-kills Innias, and offers Kruu 1000 gp for the Mystery Bag. REFUSED! Everyone gets bloodied. Of all the things in the world to be, Cap the hedgehog can turn into a tree! Breadgar heals Innias (Makeover!), takes three damage from THE AGENT’s poorly-thrown dagger. CAP CHANNELS THE POWERS OF <s>THE EARTH</s> FAERUN! Kruu has a dog-pal. Bite, bite, bite go the jaws. Whack, whack, whack goes the Sune-stick. Grab, grab, grab, go the tendrils. Two cops down (ethics check passed). THE AGENT turns tail, runs to the rooftops, unaware that he has an appointment. With. Fire. In a single bound, the athletic Breadgar scales the roof, readies his greatclub, and hits THE bloodied AGENT with Avenging Flame. Hey, nice cape…

- Things have calmed down a bit. Cap and Breadgar have the leisure to sit by the fire and bet on the outcome of dog-pal versus Cop Number Three versus Kruu-as-a-boar. (ethics check fails:) KRUU KILLS! Breadgar wins! Cha-ching! Just in time for Mom to come drag everyone back to the underground slave kennels.

- But where’s Innias?


Kruu ended up with Inius’ Bag, a small leather case with torn edges and a small ivory lock.

Breadgar picked up the Agent’s Cloak, which is more of an Agent’s Cape on his enormous frame.



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