Slaves of Shadovar

Wilderness Wander, featuring The Lad Near The Lair

Behold, the contents of Inius’s bag:
  • A vial containing two draughts of a healing concoction
  • A Parrying Dagger
  • An ivory tube containing sheets of parchment in an unidentified language
  • Sealing wax
  • A signet ring, the seal of which Breadgar recognizes from adventurers in Baldur’s Gate, though he doesn’t know any specifics.

It is unaccountably cold, even/especially for this elevation, latitude, and season.

Floating downriver, our crew sees an apparently human boy up on aledge. Gil takes a shine to him.

His father hates the Netherese, and the boy seems impressed to be in the presence of warriors. He’s going to be a horseback warrior when he grows up.

The kid seems earnest. He explains that the grown-ups are on the other side of a cave/tunnel. A lot of the big people have trouble, but if the party makes it through, they’ll be proved as [whatevers] of his [barbarian social unit]. “May the Fire Lord look after you!” OMG, Breadgar has this totally great idea for an opera!



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