Breadgar son of Breadthor

Rake of the Cloth


Goliath (Battle) Cleric (of Sune)

18 STR, 14 CON, 8 DEX, 10 INT, 16 WIS, 12 CHA

AC: 12 Fort: 14 Reflex: 10 Will: 16 HP: 26 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 6

BACKGROUND: Baldur’s Gate

SKILLS: Acrobatics -1, Athletics 6, Bluff 1, Diplomacy 6, Dungeoneering 3, Endurance 2, Heal 8, Insight 3, Intimidate 1, Nature 5, Perception 3, Religion 5, Stealth -1, Streetwise 8, Theivery -1

  • Ritual Caster
  • Goliath Greatweapon Prowess
  • Righteous Brand
  • Sacred Flame
  • Stone’s Endurance
  • Divine Fortune
  • Healing Word
  • Healing Strike
  • Avenging Flame
  • 23gp
  • Fine Clothing
  • Ritual Book
  • Leather Armor
  • Greatclub
  • Holy Symbol
  • Adventurer’s Kit
  • Dagger
  • Signet Ring + Wax
  • Ivory Tube
  • Parchment with writing in unknown language

Breadgar son of Breadthor: Battle Cleric, Reformed Rake: A Life:

Background: Baldur’s Gate. Breadthor, head servant to a wealthy human merchant, gets his son into the clergy. Though (or is it as?) a sincere devotee of Sune, Breadgar spends most of his time dining out, drinking, fighting (both sport- and bar-), being seen, and generally living beyond his means. He does manage to finish his training. Barely. He’s not infrequently captured for debt, but his friends and family usually get him out within a night or two. After his father leaves him in for six weeks, Breadgar gets the ‘straighten up and fly right’ memo. Breadthor’s employer procures him a missionary appointment bringing the word of Sune to his country cousins in the Sunrise Mountains. As he’s leaving town, Breadgar gets konked on the head by unseen persons or forces. Breadgar gets his fresh start, alright, a fresh start as a SLAVE! OF! SHADOOOOOOOVAR!

Appearance: Breadgar is an average-looking but large male Goliath. Variegated grey skin, lithoderms, bald, the whole package. Despite his dandiness, he’s settled into a uniform typically consisting of: - Sky blue and cream striped trousers - Cream leather armor - Tan ankle boots - Tan leather helmet with blue grid-pattern stamping, green decorative wings, and a big eye on the front - He has been known to wear, occasionally, a midnight blue cape (in the FDR-style, as opposed to Superman) - A big frakking greatclub

Breadgar son of Breadthor

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